Doctor Over Prescribing Addictive Pain Killers

Does the possibility exist that your Doctor is Over Prescribing Addictive Pain Killers? If you have been in a car accident, or have a pinched nerve or herniated disk, sciatica or some other severe pain causing physical condition then your doctor may decide to give you a prescription for pain reducing medication.

But over a surprisingly short time, certain medications, Opiates, Narcotics, and other pills, medicines and prescription drugs can become addictive. Highly addictive.

You probably feel that as an adult your actions in popping pills and taking excessive pain killers or becoming addicted to narcotics are somehow just your own darn fault, and that you should have had the strength to stop taking the drugs. These self recriminations in turn will likely lead to some hesitation in consulting with a personal injury attorney.

Do not let your feelings get in the way of picking up the phone and speaking with a non judgmental and respectful accident lawyer who understands that bad times may cause circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

You might decide to take the medicine, or more than likely the massive amounts of pain which you are feeling at the time will sort of help you make the decision really nice and clear. Pain is surely one of the great motivators to ingest that medicine. Your pain is legitimate, and medicine is under doctors orders.

This means that the doctor or clinic you are treating with should be paying careful attention to the number of pain killer prescriptions that you are prescribed, and how frequently you ask for and obtain refills.

If there is an increase in the strength of the drug that you ask for, or if the doctor either too readily responds to your subjective complaints by writing stronger and stronger medications, or by moving you up the addiction ladder- prescribing ever increasingly more addicting drugs.

If the doctor is not a pain management doctor, does the physician, clinic or medical center
have protocols and monitoring of its patients which will prevent or cause notice of your or your loved ones becoming addicted?

If the doctor, clinic or medical center have a reasonable concern that you have become addicted or are on the cusp of addiction to pain killers, Oxycodone or narcotics have you been given counseling about it, or depending upon the circumstances, have you been told to visit a pain management center; tapered off medications; switched to alternative medications; given lower strength dosages for example.

Do you see more than one doctor, clinic, hospital or medical center that you get prescribed that controlled substance pain medication from? Did the doctor or clinic ask you, when they prescribed you the addictive medicine, if you are also getting pain medicine somewhere else?

Did you tell the doctor that you have any of these – a mental disability; psychiatric history; are on Social Security Disability; have PTSD; history of alcohol abuse; history of drug use?

Keep your pain medication empty bottles or containers, try to obtain a printout from any chain drug stores of your prescription medications filled over time, they may have such information in a data base.

Pain medicine addiction lawsuits due to clinics over prescribing drugs and medication may also benefit the public… those other patients who may also be vulnerable and may presently be, or might in the future become addicted.

Compensatory damage awards or settlements of a lawsuit for over prescribing pain medicine or narcotics may include the ongoing and reasonable costs and expenses for future pain or addiction counseling; out or inside in house rehabilitation programs; psychologist or pain management care and treatment; and of course pain and suffering damages; loss of income, wages and many other elements of loss or injury.

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